Сочинение на тему » поход «

сочинение на тему " поход "

    Вот сочинение нужно было просто написать на русском а потом в переводчике перевести)))

  • 1.In the summer I with the friends went to a campaign with spending the night.

    We gathered long ago, and here came true, we go to a campaign!
    Long to look for a place where it would be possible to spend the night to us it was not necessary, as we considered in advance everything. It was very picturesque town. The river was a row. Also said that if you will see a dawn in the morning, with you there will be a miracle.

    We placed tents, kindled a fire, but long didn't sit up, that with ease to wake up in the morning.
    In the morning we woke up at three o'clock in the morning. and in thirty minutes the sun started to ascend. It was saturated-red color the sun, it ascended literally in the face of. Its beams lit up everything around, the river especially beautifully turned out, its smooth surface very much shone and was poured. Two hours later the first singing of birds was heard, dew shone on a grass. And if to come into depth of the wood, it was possible to see a woodpecker or a squirrel. It was so beautiful, and only then I understood that this miracle so once to appear in the morning in the wood.