Сделать монолог на тему «Сделает ли известность тебя счастливым?» к завтрашнему дню

Помогите сделать монолог на тему  "Сделает ли известность тебя счастливым?" пожалуйста ))))))))  Очень надо к завтрашнему дню )))))))



    Now  we can say that famouse and money is good and bad also. 

  • Many people would like to be famouse. But can famouse make us happy? Sometimes yes and sometimes not. When a man has got money he buy a car, a house, a ship, but other people get angry about it. Man can't be in cosy, then he knows that he hasn't got friends. It's a big problem! Now we can think, that famouse isn't good for us, but...When a man give his money to his friends and relatives, they are all happy, and a man happy too!