! мне сочинение написать по плану Location Facilities Timetable After-school activities ДЛЯ дополнительной инфор

пожалуйста помогите!!!! мне сочинение надо написать по плану 1.Location 2. Facilities 3. Timetable 4. After-school activities ДЛЯ дополнительной информации : я учусь в 22 школе города Жезказган в 9а классе. У нас каждый день по семь уроков. Вне классных мероприятий не так много.

  • 1. I live in Zhescazhgan town. 2.I go to school number 22 in the 9th form.3 Our school is not big.4. It is an ordinary secondary school.5. Every day we have 6 or 7 lessons. We study mathes. russian. literature. biology. phisics. chemistry. history as any other pupils in Russia. After school some of my classmates have after school activities. It*s a pity we haven*t many of them. As for me I like sport. SO i CHOSE basketball. We play basketball 3 times a week. Some girls like to sing in our school chorus