15 предложений в прошедшем будущем времени на английском

15 предложений в прошедшем будущем времени на английском

    Did you see Mark yesterday.


    2)I have never been to the USA.

    i will bring you the booh nezt Monday

    ну это всё что в голову пришло

  • i went to the cinema yesterday.

  • 1)Have you bought a car yet?

    We will go to the theatre next week

    4)I have been in to America.

    it will not rain tomorrow

    Tomorrow she will be in Paris

    I will visit me granny tomorrow


    i wanted to be a pilot when i was a child.

    Yesterday she went to work by car.

    The weather was nice yesterday.

    i will clean my room tomorrow

    5)I have gone to Armenia.

    we will go to London next year

    i think Diana will pass the exam

    they will go the park at the weekend

    Yesterday evening i saw a very interesting film.

    Ben lost his keys last week.

    Will you be at home this evening

    3)I have known my friend since childhood.

    My family lived in London in 1993.

    we will do our homework tomorrow

    Sam saw Anna last week.


  • I bought a new dress last week.

    I wrote a letter to Jane last Saturday.

    i will phone them next week

    they were in America last year.