10 простых предложений глаголом с to be

10 простых  предложений  глаголом  с  to be

    We are your relatives.

    It is my book.

    I am pretty.

    They are my friends.

    It is very rainy.

    The color is blue.

    He is a doctor.

  • I am a pupil.

  • 1.I was listening to music 10 minutes ago
    2.I was in the swimming pool last Sunday
    3.I have been in France
    4.I want to be a doctor
    5.I am going to the museum
    6.Polina is going to be an artist
    7.My father was a musician, but he is a signer now.
    8.Louis is beautiful young man.
    9.This girl is like my best friend Sofia.
    10.I was reading my new book about animals at 14:00

  • The book is interesting.

    She is a good teacher.